Aiden and Alexis

Portrait of Aiden and Alexis

  • Aiden’s Birth Year: 2008
  • Child ID: 227721
  • Alexis’ Birth Year: 2008
  • Child ID: 227738
Get to know this dynamic duo, Aiden and Alexis, who dream of going on vacations together!

Aiden is described as funny and loving. He enjoys being outside; whether he is playing with his dogs, hiking, or camping, he is sure to be happy! Aiden loves to create things and lights up when sharing them with others. One of his hobbies is collecting rocks and other items during his hikes. Aiden loves to tell stories about his day and show off his possessions. He plays well with others, shares, and listens to the rules. Green is Aiden’s favorite color, and he thinks Pokémon are cool. Pizza, chicken, tacos, chips, and Little Debbie cakes are his favorite things to eat. He thinks flying would be a cool superpower to possess. Screen time on his tablet is sure to be requested when he isn’t outside. Aiden is in the eighth grade.

Alexis is described as funny and outgoing! Dresses and heels are sure to spark her interest. If she could, she would wear a dress every day. Anything pink or purple makes Alexis happy. Pizza, chicken, and pasta are her favorite things to eat. Alexis is known to be playful, imaginative, creative, and sweet. She plays well with others, shares, and loves to talk and tell stories. Her favorite animals are unicorns, and she admires princesses. She thinks flying would be a cool superpower to have. Alexis is in the seventh grade. Her favorite subjects are PE and art.

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