Alexis, Davina, Jasper, Wyatt, and Ziva

Portrait of Alexis, Davina, Jasper, Wyatt, and Ziva

  • Alexis’ Birth Year: 2014
  • Child ID: 348535
  • Davina’s Birth Year: 2018
  • Child ID: 348357
  • Jasper’s Birth Year: 2017
  • Child ID: 348212
  • Wyatt’s Birth Year: 2008
  • Child ID: 348206
  • Ziva’s Birth Year: 2021
  • Child ID: 348199
These five siblings are looking for a place to grow up together!

Wyatt communicates well and is good at advocating for himself and others. He is interested in live-action role-playing and dungeons and dragons. Red and blue are his favorite colors, and he loves dogs. Wyatt is drawn to anime and fantasy. Milkshakes and ice cream are the way to his heart, but he generally likes most foods. Wyatt also enjoys reading and playing video games. He is in the ninth grade.

Get to know Alexis, a kind child who loves to be helpful. Alexis is a talented singer and likes to belt out a tune. Pink is her most desired color, and she hasn’t met a dog that she didn’t like. Alexis enjoys coloring, riding her bike, drawing, and reading. She loves following the adventures of Junie B. Jones. Alexis is a fan of corn dogs when she’s hungry, and flying is a superpower she’d like to have. She dreams of being a doctor someday. As a second grader, Alexis loves learning, and math is her favorite subject.

Jasper is happy-go-lucky, kind-hearted, and friendly. A few of his talents include singing, dancing, and telling stories. Jasper is interested in many fictional characters like Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, and Spidey and his amazing friends. He likes to stay active by playing football, tee-ball, and soccer. His favorite color is blue, and he loves dogs. If Jasper could choose any superpower, flying would be at the top of his list. This growing boy is not a picky eater, but much like his sister, chicken nuggets are especially yummy. He is now in kindergarten, and art is his favorite subject.

Davina is friendly and eager to learn. She likes to spend her time singing and dancing. Pink and purple are her most desired colors. Davina, like most youngsters, loves Paw Patrol, Magnatiles, Spidey and his amazing friends, and dolls. She will eat pretty much anything, but chicken nuggets are at the top of her list. Davina likes all animals and would choose flying to be her superpower. In the future, she would like to learn how to ride a bike and would like to play soccer and tee-ball. Davina is in preschool full-time, and art and reading are the best part of her days.

Ziva is a happy child full of energy! She likes to color, look for birds, and admire cows. Ziva is an excellent jumper and enjoys balancing on different objects. Ms. Rachel is one of Ziva’s favorite characters. An ideal meal for her is macaroni and cheese and blackberries. Ziva does well with adults and peers.

All family types will be considered. Davina’s Christian faith is important to her, and she hopes to find a family that will support her in this. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.


For Missouri children, both home studied and non-home studied Missouri families are encouraged to inquire; only home studied families from other states should do so.

For more information on becoming an adoptive family, please email or call 800-554-2222.