These siblings desire to grow up together!

This spectacular kiddo is Joel! Pokemon and Ninja Turtles are well-loved characters for this guy. If Joel had a superpower, he would love to have any of the cool abilities that Pokemon do, including Pikachu’s lightning strikes. This talented air-guitarist loves musical instruments and dancing. He even includes Kaisha and Kailia in his dance parties. Those who know Joel best delight in telling others about his strong leadership skills, compassion, care for others, and the special bond he has with each of his siblings. This hungry guy isn’t picky when it comes to mealtime, and his favorite color is red. Joel enjoys playing basketball and kickball. He has been vocal about finding a home that will care for all of his family. Joel enjoys playing games with Amaya and Tavitha. He appreciates having his brother, Joab, in a sea of sisters and likes to carry him around to explore together. As a fourth grader, Joel is proud of his good grades and being a helper in class.

This sweet girl is Kaisha! Playing with her friends and siblings is a major part of her life. Dancing and singing never tire this girl out. A fan of Wonder Woman, Kaisha would want to become her if she was a superhero. She thinks that pink and purple are the coolest color out there. Those who know Kaisha best enjoy telling others about her intuition, maturity, and knowledge. She delights in being able to use her brain to dazzle others with what she knows. Kaisha has fun watching cartoons with Tavitha and doting on Joab. Challenging each other in the best way, Kaisha and Joel have a special bond and relish in their time spent together. Kaisha is thrilled to be a big sister to Kaila and Amaya. She wants to find a home to live with all of her siblings. As a third grader, she excels in the classroom and earns great grades.

Meet the friendly and easy to talk with, Kailia! Jumping on the trampoline never tires her out, and she adores showing off her gymnastic moves. When Kailia isn’t on the trampoline, she delights in swimming and riding bikes. Learning about animals while watching her favorite show “Wild Kratts” inspires Kailia to become a veterinarian when she is older. She also aspires to become a teacher. A meal with pizza, peanut butter toast, and cheesy eggs is sure to score points with her. Pink, purple, and everything sparkly are Kailia’s favorite color choices. She is also talented at dancing. Kailia enjoys attending church and reading and learning about the Bible. She is hoping for a home that will allow her to be the special princess that she is. Kailia loves to entertain others with her dance battles against Joel, Amaya, and Kaisha, especially if there is an audience to cheer them on. She loves being a big sister to Tavitha and Joab and includes them in any games she plays. This second grader does well in school and earns great grades.

This sweet and sassy girl is Amaya! Helping others is foremost to this friendly child. An ideal day would include playing outside and swimming to her heart’s content. After a long day, curling up to watch cartoons is an excellent calm down activity for Amaya. She thinks purple and pink are the prettiest colors out there. The ability to fly so that she can get to places faster is a top choice for superpowers. A talented singer and dancer, she wishes to be a model when she is older. Amaya is able to form relationships with adults and peers easily. This kindergartner is doing well socially and academically. Amaya is thrilled to be riding the big school bus each day. She desires a home in which she can live with all of her siblings. Amaya enjoys playing with baby dolls with all her sisters. She delights in being a big sister to Joab and is very gentle with him. Playing with big brother, Joel, is always a fun time.

Tavitha is a great girl to know! Art and playing are always top priorities for this toddler. This sweet and caring girl enjoys making friends wherever she goes. An independent child, Tavitha would choose the ability to fly as her superhero power. If you ask her, pink, purple, and red are rad colors in her book. Tavitha delights in dining on pizza, eggs, and pancakes. She adores showing off her singing and dancing talents, especially if Kaisha has helped her with new dance moves. Tavitha wants to be a leader when she grows up. She enjoys playing games like tag and hide and seek with Joel. Kailia often lets her Tavitha go first when they’re playing together. Close in age to Amaya; they love playing with each other whenever possible. Coloring with Joab makes them both happy. Tavitha attends a pre-school program.

This friendly and smiling toddler is Joab! Running around thrills this little fellow to no end. He also delights in playing on the tractor and being pushed on the swings. Pizza, pancakes, and eggs are favorite foods for Joab. This toddler enjoys attending his daycare and interacts well with others. He enjoys the colors red and blue best. Joab is extremely loved and cared for by his siblings. They all play best with him when in a group, so they all get to dote on him equally.

Joel, Kaisha, Kailia, Amaya, Tavitha, and Joab would do best in a two-parent home; however, their caseworker will consider all family types. We only accept inquiries on the entire sibling group, as they will be placed together. If you can provide a safe, loving and supportive home, you are urged to inquire. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

For Missouri children, both homestudied and non-homestudied Missouri families are encouraged to inquire; only homestudied families from other states should do so.

For more information on becoming an adoptive family, please email or call 800-554-2222.