Andreea, LaKeen, December, September, and King

Portrait of Andreea, LaKeen, December, September, and King

  • Andreea’s Birth Year: 2006
  • Child ID: 329449
  • LaKeen’s Birth Year: 2008
  • Child ID: 329450
  • December’s Birth Year: 2012
  • Child ID: 329453
  • September’s Birth Year: 2012
  • Child ID: 329452
  • King’s Birth Year: 2017
  • Child ID: 329451
Andreea, LaKeen, twins December and September, and little brother King are a fantastic fivesome you won’t forget! Andreea is representative of a “typical teenager!” If you ask this girl, she would tell you that she adores the color pink and treats herself to an Oreo or two after school. Andreea thinks that being able to see the future would be the most exciting superpower to possess. Watching television is one of her many interests, that is when she isn’t with her friends. Resourceful and determined, she plans to graduate from high school to become a criminal lawyer. Her worker remarks, “It is important [to Andreea] that her adoptive parents look like her.” Andreea is now in the ninth grade. Meet the bright and social LaKeen! If this funny girl could pick a superpower, she thinks that reading people’s minds would be the bee’s knees. LaKeen has a knack for singing, and she loves singing whenever the moment presents itself. She is also keen on running and has a soft spot for animals. LaKeen gets excited whenever her favorite food, tacos, is on the dinner menu, and teal is her most-liked color. LaKeen has a large friend group and is easy to get to know and get along with. She has positive relationships with adults. LaKeen hopes to be a veterinarian when she is grown. She earns good grades as a sixth-grader and does well in school. December is a divine dancer! Along with dancing the day away, this little miss delights in playing soccer and riding bicycles. American Girl dolls are of huge interest to December, and she looks up to Jojo Siwa. Swimming and crafts that include her favorite pink hues are sure to make a perfect afternoon for her. Horses are the best-liked animal for December, and she likes eating pizza. She is very funny and outgoing; she does well with peers and prefers to have a playmate over being alone. December has good relationships with adults as well. She can see herself as a teacher when she is older. She wakes up excited to attend school. As a second-grader, December enjoys learning math. Purple is September’s favorite color! This happy girl thinks Hannah Montana is the best of both worlds. Like her icon Hannah, September enjoys singing and can rock out any show. Soccer and swimming are fun ways for this athletic child to expel her energy. Believe it or not, September’s favorite foods to nosh on are carrots and broccoli. She is keen to play with Barbies and loves art to showcase her creative side. Cheetahs are the coolest animals to September, and she also likes watching YouTube. Invisibility would be her pick for superpowers. Making friends is a breeze for September, who also does well with adults. She is known for her independent and funny disposition. September’s second-grade teacher remarks that “she is a delight in class.” She loves practicing her writing. Smart, kind and loving is just a smattering of King’s qualities! One of his favorite things to do is to sing and read books with his sisters. Playing with toys and running free outside is always a top priority on any given day. King plays well with others and blossoms with one-on-one attention from adults. A curious kiddo, he does well in his pre-school program. Andreea, LaKeen, December, September, and King would do best in a Christian family with a mom and a dad; however, their caseworker will consider all family types. We will only consider inquiries on the entire sibling group, as they will be placed together. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services. For Missouri children, both home studied and non-home studied Missouri families are encouraged to inquire; only home studied families from other states should do so. For more information on becoming an adoptive family, please email or call 800-554-2222.