• Chevelle:
  • ID #: 209591
  • Birth Year: 2012
  • Honey:
  • ID #: 209592
  • Birth Year: 2005
  • Mercy:
  • ID #: 209593
  • Birth Year: 2009
  • Miguel:
  • ID #: 209594
  • Birth Year: 2010
  • Romero:
  • ID #: 209595
  • Birth Year: 2007
  • SuYen:
  • ID #: 209596
  • Birth Year: 2014

This tremendous group of siblings desires to stay together!

Strong, courageous, and a kind soul are a few of the ways to describe Honey. For this girl, listening to music is always a top priority, and her top artists include Billie Eilish and Chris Brown. Drawing is her favorite thing to do when listening to music. One can often find Honey rocking the latest K-Pop Shirt. Those who know her best describe her as talkative, insightful, and a peacemaker among her friends. Honey has good relationships with adults. This eighth-grader earns good grades.

Anime is a top interest for Romero! Watching the adventures of Goku in Dragon Ball Z is a well-enjoyed activity for this fella. On sunny days, showing off his radio control car maneuvers brings a smile to his face. Romero is always on board for a good nap and a full eight hours of rest each night. He is able to form friendships and has bonds with important adults in his life. Romero is in the seventh grade.

Move over John Green; there is a new writer in town, meet Mercy! This girl walks around with what seems like a permanent smile on her face and is known for her good sense of humor. A talented writer Mercy enjoys journaling and sharing her insights through the written word. This sweet girl enjoys making friends with others and connects with adults. As a fourth-grader, Mercy does well in school.

Miguel is a kind-hearted boy! Described as a “doll” by his caseworker, this affectionate and gentle guy adores sports. He is especially fond of football and soccer. When the clouds are out, playing on his tablet is sure to make the time fly. On sunny days Miguel adores time spent swimming. A thoughtful child, he gets along well with adults and peers. If superpowers were real, Miguel thinks running over water would be the most awesome superpower to have. He dreams of having a bedroom to call his own. He is now in the third grade.

Chevelle, who likes to go by “Chevy,” loves to play! This happy child adores zooming around on her bicycle and taking walks to get some fresh air. When she needs a rest, Chevy enjoys reading and drawing. Those who know her best boast about her kind heart and personable demeanor. She gets along well with peers and adults. Chevy is doing well in the second grade.

Telling stories lights up SuYen’s face! A creative child, this little girl adores regaling tales to others that’s she creates herself. SuYen is happiest when she can be embraced and rocked. It is said that she makes friends wherever she goes, and she seeks out attention from trusted adults in her life.

All family types will be considered for these siblings. We will only accept inquiries on the sibling group as they will be placed together. Honey, Romero, Mercy, Miguel, Chevelle, and SuYen will need to remain in contact with their mother following placement. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.


For Missouri children, both homestudied and non-homestudied Missouri families are encouraged to inquire; only homestudied families from other states should do so.

For more information on becoming an adoptive family, please email moheartgallery@adoptex.org or call 800-554-2222.