Fifteen-year-old Elijah has a big heart and is protective of his two younger siblings. He is funny, active and hardworking. Elijah is interested in drawing and football, and he loves to tell jokes and dance. Elijah is looking forward to graduating from high school and figuring out what he wants to do next. Reddalin, age 12, is a well-mannered, social young woman who is very family oriented and enjoys spending time with those she cares about. Reddalin is an avid reader, and she also loves to play soccer, sing and write. Much like her brother, Elijah, she has a big heart and loves to see others smile. The youngest is Jeremiah, age 9. Jeremiah is friends with everyone at school, and he is a leader in the classroom. Jeremiah is playful, and he loves to play pranks and tell funny jokes. He is also very active and enjoys trying all sports, but especially likes football. Jeremiah has a special bond with Reddalin, and really enjoys spending time goofing off with both of his siblings. Elijah, Reddalin, and Jeremiah are looking for a two-parent home and would love to have some family pets!

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*Family in Progress