Portrait of OJay

  • Birth Year: 2004
  • Child ID: 189795
Ojay is an outgoing dude! A perfect day for this teen would include listening to rap music and sports. When he isn’t playing sports, OJay is sure to be found watching them. He is also fond of playing video games. To fuel up for a long day of sports, OJay enjoys eating a McGriddle from McDonald’s. He also likes eating at Braum’s. OJay has good bonds with adults and peers. He is in the ninth grade. OJay is a member of the Quapaw tribe. All family types will be considered regardless of American Indian status. He has significant connections he will need to maintain following placement. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services. This is a LEGAL RISK ADOPTIVE PLACEMENT. For Missouri children, both homestudied and non-homestudied Missouri families are encouraged to inquire; only homestudied families from other states should do so. For more information on becoming an adoptive family, please email moheartgallery@raisethefuture.org or call 800-554-2222.