Portrait of Rafael

  • Birth Year: 2006
  • Child ID: 204574
Rafael, who likes to go by “Ralph,” dreams of having a cat to call his own! This teen has a keen ability for all things electronic. He can take them apart and knows how to put them back together in no time flat. He enjoys tinkering, and he can often be found taking something apart to explore its inner workings. Ralph picks blue first, and he loves cheeseburgers, chocolate milkshakes, and Arby’s. LEGO is one of his go-to activities for free time, and he is an avid collector of cars. Phrases like “Accio,” Peeves, rememberalls, and wands in the magical world of Harry Potter are things that Ralph enjoys thinking about; he loves reading Harry Potter. He is known to do the right thing with peers and benefits from positive relationships with others. Ralph enjoys forming bonds with trusted adults.

Math is a subject this ninth-grader is fascinated by.

All family types will be considered. Ralph hopes to have pets as part of his home. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.


For Missouri children, both home studied and non-home studied Missouri families are encouraged to inquire; only home studied families from other states should do so.

For more information on becoming an adoptive family, please email moheartgallery@raisethefuture.org or call 800-554-2222.