Raquelle and Darius are packed with personality!

Raquelle is a bubbly, talkative, and smiley girl. She describes herself as a picky eater who would be aghast to find a pickle on her cheeseburger, but she absolutely loves sweets. Raquelle adores music, so be prepared if you ask about her favorite artist, as her list of “favorites” includes at least a dozen! Hobbies that top her list are cheerleading, playing outside, and reading. Black, white, silver, and gold are Raquelle’s best-loved colors. As a fifth grader, she takes pride in her academics and enjoys science class and experiments. Raquelle receives above average grades and reads at an eighth-grade level. She aspires to become a college professor when she grows up.

Get to know gregarious Darius, whose favorite color isn’t just blue, but specifically royal blue! A lover of music, he relishes any opportunity to be in control of the radio station. Darius enjoys spending his time outdoors and has a talent for drawing. His favorite meal is chicken strips and French fries, but he likes to branch out and try new foods and recently tried a maple bacon donut. Darius loves helping others and it isn’t unusual for him to be the first to jump in and help with chores. He is a bright third grader who is friendly to others. Darius has high hopes for his future and is considering a profession as a police officer.

Their caseworker prefers a family in an urban location, with pets in the home, in which Darius can be the youngest child; however, all family types will be considered. These children would love to be part of a family with a dad. Raquelle and Darius would benefit from remaining in contact with their grandmother and foster mother following placement. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

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Portrait by: Shana Watkins