Get to know more about the sweet and charming Xavier! An adventurous young man, he enjoys the thrill of a new enterprise, whether it be attempting to crotchet, trying out soccer for a season, or learning about becoming a snake handler from watching YouTube videos. He has an eloquent way with words, and his sense of humor can brighten-up a room! He is proud of his sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh. Staying active is important to him, and he feels uplifted when adults and peers acknowledge his success. While Xavier is still exploring to find his favorite things in life, riding his bike to the local pool is amongst his most treasured of summer-time activities. He also enjoys playing Fortnite on Xbox One, going to the local amusement park on the weekends, fishing, and family vacations. Those closest to Xavier describe him as a vibrant young man who knows how to achieve his goals. He is outgoing, fun to be around, and has a strong sense of self-esteem. Xavier loves chowing down on homemade pizza and the color blue. If you could learn one thing about him, he would want you to know that he is kind. His caseworker comments that “Xavier looks forward to his forever home and desires to have siblings that he can be active with.”

This social kid is in the seventh grade.

Xavier would do best in a family with pets in which he is the youngest child in the home; however, his caseworker will consider all family types. He will need to remain in contact with his siblings and foster family following placement. His worker states, “Xavier is most happy when he is around others, both younger and older. He is an energetic young man and will be most successful in a family where his energy can find a safe and appropriate outlet. He is open to various family compositions and truly wants to be loved for who he is! Xavier has so much to offer the world and will make a wonderful addition to the right family!” Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

For Missouri children, both homestudied and non-homestudied Missouri families are encouraged to inquire; only homestudied families from other states should do so.

For more information on becoming an adoptive family, please email or call 800-554-2222.